Why Get Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of At-Home Treatments

At-home whiteners may tempt many people who are looking for a quick, teeth-whitening solution. However, the best and safest method is to use in-office bleaching or professional treatments that contain higher percentages of peroxide, such as our cosmetic dentist in Richmond Hill.

The levels of hydrogen peroxide used in tooth whiteners can range from 3% up to 43%. Professional treatments skew towards these higher numbers, whereas at-home kits will have lower concentrations, such as between 3% and 20%.

For those looking for the most convenient, low-cost option, at-home teeth whitening kits can be a good fit. But there are some drawbacks to using these products. Like our cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill, expert tooth bleaching often has more suitable and noticeable results than do-it-yourself methods. Further, it doesn’t involve any of the risks that come with using an untried home product on your mouth or gums, which could lead to infection or other health problems down the line.

Other potential risks of at-home treatments include using tooth whitening gel for too long. If you do, it can dehydrate your teeth and make them more sensitive. This can cause pain or other dental problems, which is why at-home products are not always the best option. It’s also much more likely that patients will misuse an at-home system, while a professional treatment, such as cosmetic dentistry services, is more likely to be successful. So, there may be no need to worry about using one of these methods for yourself!

However, you should always consult your dentist when considering either professional or at-home services. They know best, after all. But if you do decide on an at-home option, follow the instructions exactly. Patients who receive at-home whitening kits often fail to see results quick enough for their satisfaction and may be tempted to keep the bleach on their teeth for longer periods of time, which can negatively affect dental health.

However, the dentist’s whitening technique is much faster than at-home treatment and will work in just a couple of visits. A standard procedure at our cosmetic dentist can produce teeth that are about three to eight shades brighter with two hours’ worth of treatments. Some dentists are even able to use more specialized techniques that take only a single visit.

Another benefit when you get your teeth whitened using cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill is that the dental professionals will also remove plaque and tartar, giving your mouth the perfect clean. Professional teeth whitening also checks for cavities that may have been missed by white strips or other products available to purchase over the counter.

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