Whiten Your Teeth Safely and Effectively

Many of us turn to teeth whitening as a solution. It’s a preferred option for masking the appearance of stains and damages on our teeth. Over the years, excessive coffee drinking, smoking, overeating of particular foods, and natural aging have resulted in many of our smiles not looking as white as they used to. It’s no surprise then that the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ranked teeth whitening as one of the most requested cosmetic dental procedures. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a stained smile staring back at you, seeking teeth whitening in Richmond Hill can help you achieve the pearly smile you’ve been looking for.

While teeth whitening is generally considered a safe and effective way to get a more stunning smile, using the wrong method can result in permanent damage to your teeth. If you walk down the Oral Hygiene section of your pharmacy or grocery store, you’re likely to find tons of options available that claim to whiten your teeth. However, many of these products often lead the user to disappointment by only offering a temporary solution to their problem. After a few months, users have reported seeing signs of their stained and yellowed teeth returning.

To avoid wasting time and money on over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, you’ll need the help of Richmond Hill teeth whitening services. With so many options available, you’ll want to ensure you get the most from your teeth whitener.

Dental cleaning in Richmond Hill is more than just going for your regular check-up. Dentists and hygienists can guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have and won’t find on the back of the store-bought options. Some damage you can avoid through proper whitening includes:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity
  • Irritated gums
  • Return of tooth discoloration
  • Weakened protective enamel

Suppose you prefer to complete your tooth whitening at home. Your local dentist can provide you with at-home kits for teeth whitening in Richmond Hill, including teeth whitening kits. Your take-home kit will include custom trays to ensure you’re whitening all your teeth simultaneously for the same length of time. While completing your dental cleaning in Richmond Hill, your dentist will check whether this option would be suitable for you.

Understanding that tooth whitening solutions will vary depending on your needs, Richmond Hill teeth whitening can also include lasers or curing lights as part of your treatment plan. It’s quickly becoming a popular alternative for teeth whitening, thanks to the fast treatment process. By applying a whitening solution to your teeth, your local Richmond Hill teeth whitening dentist will use lasers to activate the whitening solution. Using laser curing light treatment is a quick and effective way to provide immediate results.

For professional dental cleaning in Richmond Hill that can remove stains and brighten your smile, contact the Arenson Dental team for more information.

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