What Turns Your Kid’s Teeth Yellow?

If your child is having issues with yellow teeth, then you’re not alone. This is a very common problem that a lot of parents worry about. While it’s very common, it’s also very manageable. This article will lay out some causes of yellowing teeth in children as well as offer some solutions with Vaughan children’s dentistry.

Poor Hygiene

One of the most common sources of yellow teeth for children is poor oral hygiene. It’s not uncommon for children to skip brushing if they’re not prompted. If you’re concerned that this is the case with your kid, then you just need to be sure that you stay on top of their oral hygiene habits. Be sure that your child is brushing as often as they’re supposed to and also using proper teeth brushing techniques.

The far more insidious issue here is that many children do not floss their teeth at all. A lack of flossing allows deposits of food to get stuck under the gums that become breeding grounds for bacteria. This can easily lead to your child getting cavities and can eventually even lead to the loss of the tooth if it’s not taken care of. Most children brush their teeth regularly, but far too many do not floss and that can lead to serious tooth yellowing or worse. Vaughan children’s dentistry can help with this issue.

Fluoride Damage

An excess of fluoride can cause damage to the enamel. Be sure that you’re in contact with your dentist about this issue if you want to prevent damage to the enamel or potential cavities. Your child may be using too much toothpaste or even swallowing toothpaste. Ensure that you’re discussing the proper way to brush your teeth with your child. Consider getting help from Vaughan children’s dentistry.

Recent Loss Of Baby Teeth

If your child has only recently had their baby teeth fall out and be replaced by adult teeth, then it’s normal for there to be some yellowing. This is totally natural and not cause for concern. Enamel is more yellow-looking when it first emerges as an adult tooth. Over time it will harden and end up looking the same as the rest of your children’s teeth. Don’t be concerned about yellowing on new adult teeth, but consider visiting your dentist if it doesn’t change after a period of time. A pediatric dentist in Vaughan can help you out here. Or a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill.

Food Or Drink

Your child’s teeth can be affected by certain foods or drinks. If you’re concerned about your kid ending up with yellowed teeth, then make sure that you’re taking steps to identify which foods are causing problems and limit the intake that your child experiences. Have your child rinse their mouth after eating acidic or staining foods, and these habits will help them maintain their teeth for years to come. Contact a pediatric dentist in Vaughan if you’re concerned.


Damage to the tooth can cause a color change. If your child is suffering from this, visit your pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill to prevent further issues from developing.

If you have further concerns about your child’s teeth, then visit Arenson Dental today. We’re committed to helping you and your child smile bright.

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