Tips for Keeping Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy

Your child’s healthy oral habits begin at a young age. If strong oral hygiene is not established in a person’s early years or is overlooked, it can lead to long-term consequences. Fortunately, there are many things you can do as a parent to keep your child’s teeth healthy and to ensure your next visit to a Vaughan children’s dentistry office is an excellent one.

Here are a few tips for keeping your kid’s teeth healthy.

Never Skip a Day

As a parent, by the time bedtime arrives, it is easy to skip helping your child brush and floss his or her teeth so that you can usher each child off to bed. Unfortunately, this is establishing poor oral habits. You should always take the time to brush and floss your child’s teeth and help them through this process. If there is always a fight before going to bed from your children, begin this routine a little earlier in the night.

Teach Proper Brushing Technique

It isn’t enough to stick a toothbrush in your mouth and a small amount of toothpaste. If you want to maintain healthy teeth, you must complete the proper brushing technique. This allows you to brush all areas of the mouth and to ensure every nook and cranny receives a proper cleaning. It also ensures that your child brushes for the proper length of time and includes brushing the tongue, roof of the mouth, etc.

If you have any questions about proper brushing and flossing techniques, talk to your kid’s dentist in Richmond Hill for a few expert tips.

Be an Example

If you want your children to recognize the importance of taking care of their teeth, you must lead by example. You must show your children how important your own oral hygiene is and some of the things that you do to keep your teeth and other areas of your mouth healthy.

For example, you may let your children into the bathroom when you brush and floss your teeth. Talk often in your home about proper oral hygiene and habits you have established. You should also make sure you visit your dentist regularly to receive a professional dental cleaning and exam.

Also, avoid talking negatively about going to the dentist or other dental procedures as this could give your children a poor impression. These conversations can create fear and anxiety each time a child visits a pediatric dentist in Vaughan.

If it is time for your children to visit a kids dentist in Richmond Hill, call Arenson Dental & Associates. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help your child feel comfortable and we are anxious to answer all of your questions. Contact us today to set up your child’s next appointment.

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