The What’s and Why’s of Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people know that cosmetic dentistry makes your smile look amazing, but many are unaware of the different types of cosmetic dentistry and the process involved in different kinds of treatments. So, what exactly is cosmetic dentistry, and how can it help you?

People visit a cosmetic dentist for a number of different reasons. One of the most common is actually orthodontic treatments like braces. Braces can be worn by patients of any age, and options like Invisalign that are clear and removable are often preferred by adults who have mildly crooked teeth. Braces work to straighten the teeth and often prevent the need for more invasive dental procedures. However, orthodontic treatment is often only one part of a cosmetic dentistry journey because braces only straighten teeth rather than changing the shape of the teeth themselves.

Another type of cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill is bonding. Bonding is a process that adds resin to the edges of existing teeth to make them look straighter or longer. It can also be used to repair teeth that are chipped or discolored or to fill gaps between teeth. Braces are often a precursor to bonding because teeth need to be relatively straight in order for bonding to work. Bonding is one of the least expensive and least invasive types of cosmetic dentistry available.

Veneers and Contouring

Veneers are another type of cosmetic dentistry services in that are worth considering. Veneers act as a new front surface for a tooth and are usually made out of ceramic or porcelain. They can be used for a variety of reasons including repairing chipped or broken teeth, covering discoloration, and even as an alternative to braces or other orthodontic treatment to make your smile appear straighter.

Contouring can be used to slightly reshape the teeth and remove small imperfections using a special polishing tool. This type of cosmetic dentistry is relatively quick and easy. There is also a special type of contouring called laser gum contouring that uses lasers to reshape the gums. Though this may sound intimidating at first, laser contouring is actually perfectly safe and not very painful — it doesn’t even require anesthesia! The laser can lift or reshape the gums, making the gum line more even and creating a more even smile.

Ultimately, the best way to determine which type of cosmetic dentistry is right for you is to ask your dentist. Contact Arenson Dental today to book a consultation appointment with a cosmetic dentist.

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