The Pitfalls of At-Home Kits

Did you know that at-home braces are now an option? That’s right! There are now DIY kits that allow you to work on straightening your smile at home with a set of aligners. Typically, you will begin this process by taking an impression of your teeth at home or by going into a shop to have a 3D photo of your smile taken. Next, a treatment plan is created for you and a set of aligners is mailed out. You’ll have some brief instructions on how long you should wear this set of aligners for and when to move to the next stage, however, you won’t have any appointments with an orthodontist to supervise the process. Before considering this route, here are a few of the pitfalls of at-home kits you should definitely know about. Whatever you decide, it is always best to consult with a dentist in Richmond Hill before beginning the process.

Individualized Care

When you take the at-home route for your orthodontics needs, you won’t have regular in-person appointments at a Vaughan dental clinic throughout the realignment process. This is quite risky as everyone’s mouth is very different. If you are struggling with pain, if your teeth are not realigning as quickly as they should or, even more problematic, if you are actually making an underlying condition worse instead of better, you won’t be able to catch these issues in a timely fashion. This could set you back substantially and mean that you end up spending more money and wearing the aligners longer than expected.

Cutting Edge Equipment

Most orthodontic clinics make use of the most cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure that your appointments are as quick, painless, and effective as possible. The latest technology cuts down on the time you need to spend realigning your teeth. Without access to this imaging and diagnostic technology, it is unlikely that you will be getting the best care available.

One-On-One Relationship

Dental work is anxiety-provoking for many people. For this reason, it is important that you develop a relationship with your provider. This can help alleviate your anxiety throughout the process and make you feel much more comfortable. With an at-home kit, you miss out on this experience altogether and are left to manage your dental care on your own. This can be quite stressful for those who feel anxious about dental work in the first place. So, it is best to do your research. Don’t just select the nearest ‘dentist office near me’ from your Google search or opt for at-home options. Instead, find the right dental professional that inspires confidence and makes you feel comfortable.

If you are exploring options for your dental or orthodontic treatments, contact Arenson Dental today. We will be with you every step of the way so you can rest assured you’re getting the best care possible.

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