The Longevity of Dental Bridges

Over time, tooth damage is unavoidable. Even those with the most stringent of cleaning regimens and practices are likely to experience some sort of painful complication with their teeth. To make matters worse, this often also affects the aesthetic appearance of one’s smile and can be quite a blow to self-confidence. Thankfully, there are procedures like crowns or dental bridge treatment that can improve these unfortunate situations.

A crown or dental bridge service provides you with a permanent solution for damaged teeth that is more effective and comfortable than dentures. Dental bridge treatment is best for people that have a single damaged tooth next to healthier ones. These replacements are installed onto natural teeth that have experienced damage and then anchored to adjacent teeth to provide structural support. However, if surrounding teeth are also damaged, this can create instability in the dental bridge treatment. Your dental clinic will be able to tell you if this service is right for you.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

One of the most common questions patients have before getting their bridge installed is how long the device lasts. Because this solution is more permanent and expensive than dentures, it’s a fair question to ask. A few considerations go into the longevity of a dental bridge service, but one of the major factors is whether the bridge is removable or fixed.

Removable Bridges: This type of bridge has a crown on either side that clips onto existing teeth that have been filed down by a cosmetic dentist to ensure the perfect fit. This replacement needs to be taken out every day for proper cleaning and ensure that the bridge lasts as long as possible.

Permanent Bridges: For those who want a fixed bridge that more closely approximates the real thing, permanent dental bridges are the way to go. These solutions are permanently installed through a surgical procedure that fastens the replacements to the jawbone. Also known as dental implants, this service is growing in popularity across North America because it makes it easier to eat and live a regular lifestyle. If cared for regularly, these replacements can last for a long time.

A qualified dental professional in Richmond Hill will be able to help you decide on the right dental bridge service for you. Some professionals put the longevity of these tooth replacement options at five to seven years, while others say that a dental bridge treatment can last from 10 years up to a lifetime with proper care and regular maintenance visits!

If you have any questions or concerns about how oral hygiene practices and habits affect the longevity of dental bridges and crowns, reach out to your experts at Arenson Dental today!

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