The Different Types of Dental Bridges

Life happens, and the unfortunate reality is that some of us may end up with a missing tooth. This is an unfortunate situation for anyone to find themselves in and can cause an array of issues. For some, the main issue will be the hit to their self-esteem. Many people take pride in their smile, and having a missing tooth can lower someone’s quality of life because of the embarrassment they have over it.

Aside from the social impact, there can be a lot of more practical downsides to a missing tooth. It can cause issues with eating or pronunciation, or even cause other teeth to shift. Luckily with a dental bridge service there’s a great solution with 4 different options to discuss with your dental clinic.

What are The Different Types of Dental Bridge?

There are four main types of dental bridge treatment and they each have their own advantages:

Traditional Dental Bridge:

The traditional dental bridge is the act of attaching a false tooth or teeth to the natural teeth on both sides creating a “bridge” from one tooth to the other. This requires there to be two natural teeth on either side of the dental bridge and is the most common type of dental bridge treatment.

The Cantilever Dental Bridge:

The Cantilever dental bridge is very similar to the traditional dental bridge. The primary difference is that the bridge is connected to a single tooth fitted with a crown. This type of dental bridge service only requires one natural tooth to be in place to be effective.

The Maryland Dental Bridge:

This type of bridge is very similar to the traditional dental bridge. The primary difference is that it involves metal or porcelain bonding to the tooth. This also requires two natural teeth to function.

The Implant-Supported Dental Bridge:

This kind of dental bridge involves placing an implant in the jaw for the tooth to be attached to. This kind of dental bridge does not require any natural teeth to be connected but is the most complicated of the four.

So What Should I Do?

Now that you know your options it’s up to you and your dentist to decide what dental bridge service works best for you. Each kind of dental bridge treatment has its own upsides and downsides and it will mostly come down to personal preference in the end. When you’re looking into this treatment it’s essential to choose the right dental bridge clinic to make sure you get the service you deserve. Check out Arenson Dental to experience top service while you make your smile brighter than ever.

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