The Connections Between Genetics and Tooth and Gum Problems

Some tooth and gum problems are caused by genetics, while others are the result of oral hygiene practices. Whether the problem is something you were just born with, or because of issues related to oral hygiene, there are ways that a family dentist in Vaughan can help.

Common Dental Issues

Crooked teeth are a prime example of genetics causing dental issues. If your parents and grandparents all had crooked teeth, there’s a good chance that you will too. But sometimes, this is caused by environmental factors. Using a pacifier for too long and thumb sucking can both lead to crooked teeth.

Underbites and overbites, as well as gaps in teeth, are also considered genetic issues. In other words, you’re just born with it, and it doesn’t have a cause related to a person’s activity or environment.

Yellow teeth is another common dental issue. This is often caused by things like smoking or coffee drinking. But it is also, partly, determined by genetics, as your body determines how much white enamel forms on your teeth. The layer under this enamel is yellow and is called dentin.

Regular cleaning can help slow the yellowing of your teeth. Visiting a family dentist in Richmond Hill on a regular basis will help to ensure that your teeth stay clean and look the best they can.

Tooth decay is one of the issues that is most often the result of oral hygiene. Cavities will form if you don’t take proper care of your teeth. They can also happen when you regularly brush your teeth. It is considered normal to have cavities at some point in your life. It is one of the more common issues that a dentist at a family dentistry in Vaughan will see in patients.

But tooth decay also has a genetic aspect to it. In other words, if two people follow the same diet and oral hygiene regimen, one may develop cavities while the other does not. This is because people with softer enamel are more likely to experience tooth decay. There are other factors that contribute to tooth decay as well.

Saliva strength is one factor that is related to genetics. If your saliva isn’t strong enough to process things your teeth need to be healthy, it can be a contributing factor to tooth decay.
The bacteria in your mouth—collectively known as the microbiome—exist in both beneficial and harmful types. Some are good for your health, and others contribute to tooth decay.

Often, sugary foods are a contributing factor. Having your teeth cleaned regularly by your dentist at a family dentistry in Vaughan will help reduce the chance of getting cavities.

Gum Disease

Inflamed, sensitive gums are a sign that you may be suffering from gum disease. Other effects of gum disease include tooth decay and tooth loss. It has also been shown to have a link to diabetes and heart disease.

You can prevent gum disease by not smoking and practicing good oral hygiene, which includes regular visits to a family dentist in Richmond Hill.

To keep your teeth in good condition, you should schedule regular visits to your dentist. Call Arenson Dental today to set up an appointment.

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