Using a Mouthguard to Mitigate Jaw Pain

nightguard for Bruxism

Do you suffer from constant pain in your jaws? Are there nights when your jaw pain is making you lose sleep? There are many ways to deal with your chronic jaw ache, the most effective being using a mouthguard. In this blog, we have gathered all the information you need about night guards, and how …

7 Long-Term Consequences of Bruxism

night guards

Evidence-based studies have revealed that from around 6% up to nearly 50% of children grind their teeth. The prevalence tends to decline with age. Bruxism is the habit of unconsciously grinding one’s teeth, especially in high-stress level situations or during sleep. Fortunately, there are many night guards for bruxism that can fit well with anyone …

The Consequences of Teeth Grinding

nightguard for bruxism

Bruxism is the habit of grinding, clenching, or gnashing your teeth. It affects a third of adults during their day. However, it becomes worse in sleep. One in 10 people find they have this problem while sleeping but just can’t seem to escape from this nightmare that won’t go away. Thankfully, a nightguard can at …

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