Misalignment Issues that can be Fixed with Invisalign


When it comes to correcting issues with tooth alignment, there’s no beating the easy-to-use, high-quality product that is invisalign. Unlike traditional braces that are time-intensive to install and aren’t removed for years, invisalign only needs to be worn for the majority of the day. It can be taken out in a pinch and, best of …

Helping Your Child Adapt to New Orthodontics

orthodontics richmond hill

Getting used to braces requires an adjustment period, which can be tough on a child. It can also be difficult as a parent to watch them struggle. But there are some things you can do to help them become comfortable with their Orthodontics. Richmond Hill dentists have several recommendations. Patience It’s important to have patience …

How to Effectively Clean Teeth with Orthodontics

Cleaning teeth with orthodontics

Knowing how to clean your teeth properly is an essential step towards proper dental health. When you have braces, keeping your teeth clean requires more focus to avoid complications with your orthodontic treatment. If you have braces, neglecting to keep them clean can result in declassification. That means when your braces are removed, you will …

Getting Orthodontics as an Adult

orthodontist in richmond hill

When people think of braces and retainers, they typically associate them with children and teens. But if you never had them as an adolescent—or did, but never wore your retainer—then, over the years, your teeth have likely shifted. Whatever the reason, there are thousands of adults just like you, contemplating whether they waited too long …

How is a Dentist Different from an Orthodontist?

Dentist Different from an Vaughan Orthodontist

Having a beautiful smile requires more than daily brushing and flossing. It also requires that you regularly visit an oral care professional. Both dentists and orthodontists help to improve your teeth and your overall oral health. How do you determine which professional to visit? What is the difference between a Vaughan orthodontics specialist and your …

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