Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy this Holiday Season

Pediatric Dentistry

Let’s be honest. Our holiday season is incomplete without the bright gleeful smiles of our children. Most of the time, it’s them for whom we put all the effort. From presents to decorations, and of course, their favorite seasonal candies and treats! But we also understand as a parent; you often worry about your child’s …

5 Health Problems that Can be Found During Dental Exams

family dentist vaughan

We know how important dental exams are for oral health. What many of us don’t know is that they can also be essential to the health of the rest of our body as well. A dental exam can discover other things wrong with your health that you were totally unaware of. This article aims to …

The Connections Between Genetics and Tooth and Gum Problems

family dentist vaughan

Some tooth and gum problems are caused by genetics, while others are the result of oral hygiene practices. Whether the problem is something you were just born with, or because of issues related to oral hygiene, there are ways that a family dentist in Vaughan can help. Common Dental Issues Crooked teeth are a prime …

Why You Should Have a Family Dentist

family dentist in Vaughan

Having a family dentist is one of the best choices you can make. Sure, you could go through life only visiting the dentist in emergencies, but ultimately this will result in poor dental health, and existing conditions will only get worse. Here are some of the top reasons that having a family dentist in Vaughan …

How Family Dentists Can Help You in Emergency Dental Situations

family dentist in Vaughan

If you’re wondering whether your dental emergency requires a visit to a family dentist in Richmond Hill, this article can help you decide. If an accident occurred and you have damaged your tooth, then you should start by evaluating how urgent the situation is. Here’s what to do if you have an emergency dental situation. …

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