Dental Implants

Dental Implants

You deserve a smile that you are proud to display. You shouldn’t feel you have to hide or lack confidence during any of your daily activities. Dental implants are the solution.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are fake teeth that improve your smile, make eating, talking and even swallowing much easier. They can also improve your oral health by helping promote bone growth in your jaw and preventing the natural bone from deteriorating. They look like natural teeth so even your closest friends won’t know they aren’t real.

How Are These Fake Teeth Installed?

Implants are inserted directly into the jawbone. They require several appointments with a Dental implant specialist in Richmond Hill and can take some time before they are officially installed as you will need some time to heal between each step.

1. A small screw is inserted into the jawbone. Over time, the bone will naturally fuse to this screw, helping to hold the implant in place and making it durable and stable.

2. An abutment is installed. This is a small connector that will hold the fake tooth into place.

3. The fake tooth is installed onto the abutment. This fake tooth is customized so it looks similar to your natural teeth and blends right in. While the process to install dental implants in Richmond Hill is typically similar from one patient to the next, each person’s situation may be different. A Dental implant specialist at Arenson Dental is ready to help with your specific case. They know what it takes to create a smile that you love and are proud to share. Give them a call today to get started on the smile you deserve.

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