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Provide Jaw Relief With a Night Guard for Bruxism

Clenching the jaw and grinding teeth while sleeping is known as bruxism, and it can lead to damaged teeth if a night mouthguard is not used. But how do you figure out if you need one? There are a few things that could point toward the need for a night guard for bruxism.

Signs you need a night guard for bruxism

There are several things to watch for when trying to figure out if you need a night mouthguard.

  • A headache when you wake up
  • Sore jaw
  • General pain in the face
  • A tired feeling from lack of sleep

If you wake up with any of these symptoms, you should consider getting fitted for a custom night guard. This will be the most comfortable option since custom-fit nightguards are made specifically for your mouth, rather than being made to fit a wide range of mouths. The result will be a custom-fitted mouth guard made specifically for your unique bite profile.

A mouthguard is made from either a soft or rigid material, depending on the severity of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Both work in the same way, by placing a barrier between the teeth to lessen the effect of jaw clenching.

The soft type of night mouthguard tends to be more common and is more comfortable than the rigid version, which makes it easier to get used to. The downside is that a person may find themselves unintentionally chewing on the guard. Even without being chewed on, a soft guard is less durable than the rigid variety.

A rigid mouthguard can be harder to get used to but provides several benefits over the soft type. The main benefit is that it can withstand more abuse, which makes this type of custom-fitted mouthguard good for severe cases of jaw clenching.

If you have symptoms of bruxism, a dentist will be able to fit you for a custom mouthguard to provide nighttime relief.

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