Senior Dental Care

Seniors Dental Care

Strong oral hygiene should be a priority no matter how old you are, but as a senior citizen, it must never become an afterthought. As you age, you become more susceptible to a variety of oral health conditions such as includes gum disease. Unfortunately, this disease is very common and seven out of 10 Canadians develop some form of the disease throughout their lives.  If not treated properly, gum disease can lead to many serious oral conditions including tooth loss.

Additionally, dental care for senior citizens can become tricky as many medications can affect your oral health. For example, a wide range of medications from antidepressants to decongestants can cause dry mouth. This occurs when your mouth does not produce enough saliva. If not treated well, can cause tooth decay.

Tasks such as brushing and flossing your teeth can become more difficult as you age and your limited mobility may affect your oral hygiene habits. You may also lack the motivation and the energy to dedicate the time and effort to proper oral hygiene.

At Arenson Dental, we will work closely with you to ensure your teeth are healthy and strong. We will look for potential problems and work with you to determine the proper treatment method to keep your mouth and teeth in tip-top condition. Our job is to catch problems early so you are never left with intense pain and severe treatments. No matter if you are suffering from gum disease, have stained or discolored teeth, want to improve your smile, or replace missing teeth, contact us today for more information on our dental services for seniors.

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