Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Achieving the pearly white smile that you desire doesn’t have to be a challenge. You deserve a smile that you are proud to show off and with the right teeth whitening treatment, it is possible.

There are dozens of products that cover the shelves of your local drug store and claim to whiten your teeth. Many of these may provide short-term solutions but within a few months, you will notice an increase in yellowing and staining. These aren’t very effective solutions and some may not be 100% safe.

To ensure you are successful, safe, and happy with your results, you need in-office teeth whitening treatments. There are many options available and some provide faster results than others.

Teeth Whitening Kits: Your dentist for teeth whitening in Richmond hill may provide kits that make it possible to complete the whitening process at home.  You will receive custom trays that will ensure each of your teeth receive full coverage. Your dentist for teeth cleaning Richmond hill will also make sure the solution you use is safe.

Lasers or Curing Lights: Another popular and fast option is to use lasers or a curing light. Your Richmond hill teeth whitening dentist will apply a whitening solution onto your teeth and will use a laser or a light to activate the solution. This provides immediate results but you may need to repeat the process often to get the exact shade of white that you desire.

How Can Arenson Dental Help?

For professional dental cleaning in Richmond hill to remove stains and brighten your teeth or you want to whiten them up, many options are available. Our staff is ready and eager to help you find a solution so you can have the smile that you desperately want and the confidence that goes along with it. If you are ready for your upcoming teeth cleaning appointment in Richmond Hill or you want to talk about various cosmetic dentistry options, call and schedule an appointment today or request an appointment online.

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