Quick Ways to Control Sensitive Teeth Pain

We all know the feeling. You take a sip of ice-cold water on a hot day expecting to feel refreshed and instead you’re greeted by shooting pain down your tooth and into your gums. Needless to say, this is incredibly unpleasant. However, sensitive teeth pain is unfortunately very common. There is good news though! There are a number of simple and easy steps you can take to help alleviate the discomfort. If you’re concerned about the pain or it is especially severe consider making an appointment at an emergency dental clinic in Vaughan. In the meantime, take these simple and easy steps to help control the sensitivity.

Be Gentle

Some of us are a little bit too overzealous when we brush our teeth. Brushing your teeth too vigorously can actually wear out the enamel. This weakened enamel may be the culprit when it comes to your dental sensitivity. So, if you’re waiting for an appointment at an emergency dentist in Vaughan, make sure that you don’t worsen your issues by being too harsh on your teeth. Instead, alleviate the pressure and use softer, more gentle strokes when you are brushing.

Avoid Acids

If you’re experiencing pain and are seeking relief the best thing you can do is avoid acidic foods. These include citrus fruits, vinegar, soda and sweets that are high in sugar. Much like vigorous brushing, acids and sugar erode the enamel on your teeth and contribute to the sensitivity. There are a number of foods that you should consider incorporating into your diet as well as they can help to combat the bacteria that attack the enamel. These include vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber as well as milk, cheese, and whole grains.

Avoid Whiteners

Any emergency dentist in Richmond Hill will likely tell you that if you are experiencing sensitivity it is best to discontinue the use of any whitening treatments. This is because many of these treatments contain bleach. It is possible that the bleach in these whitening treatments might even be the cause of your sensitivity in the first place. If whitening is a priority, talk to your dentist about other options that might be better for you.

If you are experiencing sensitivity, the good news is, there are a number of quick and simple ways you can immediately reduce your discomfort. Be sure to be gentle while brushing, avoid acidic foods and stop using whitening treatments with bleach.

It is also important to make an appointment with an emergency dentist in Vaughan to ensure that you have a proper assessment of your condition by a certified professional. Contact us at Arenson Dental to book your appointment today.

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