How to Feel More Comfortable at the Dentist

If you suffer from anxiety or dental phobia, you’re not alone. Studies by the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association indicate that roughly 22% of Canadians regularly delay going to the dentist due to extreme dental anxiety. Whether your fear stems from a bad experience, or maybe you’re afraid of the pain, visiting a dental clinic can help you overcome dental anxiety.

A Vaughan dental clinic understands and is willing to listen to your anxieties. Choosing the right dentist is essential to coping with dental fears and phobias because they play a huge role in determining how you will feel during your appointment. If the current dentist you’ve been visiting doesn’t make you feel assured, then it’s time to look for another dental office in Richmond Hill.

While your dentist is responsible for making you feel more comfortable, their ability to help depends on your willingness to communicate your fears with them. Being honest with your dentist about your worries will allow them to work with you in a way that makes you feel more relaxed. Bring your smartphone into your appointment, play some music or a funny podcast, and or listen to your favourite audiobook. Let your doctor know about the measures you’re taking to distract yourself during the appointment. Distraction is a helpful strategy many people use to detach from their anxieties.

Another way to make going to your Richmond Hill dental clinic more manageable is by practicing deep breathing. There’s no denying the positive benefits that meditation and acupressure can have on your life. These common strategies can also be used during your appointment at the dentist. If you try practicing one of these techniques before your appointment, you’ll have a better grasp of which ones are effective and which ones don’t work well for you at all.

You can also bring along a supportive friend who can make you feel comfortable. Just as children rely on their parents for comfort during their appointments, your local Richmond Hill dental clinic understands adults are no different. Not only can this supportive person help keep you grounded, but they can also make a great advocate for those who have trouble communicating with their dentist.

By planning in advance and taking the time to communicate with your dentist, they’ll be better equipped to help ease you back into regular dental visits.

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