How Family Dentists Can Help You in Emergency Dental Situations

If you’re wondering whether your dental emergency requires a visit to a family dentist in Richmond Hill, this article can help you decide. If an accident occurred and you have damaged your tooth, then you should start by evaluating how urgent the situation is. Here’s what to do if you have an emergency dental situation.

A Loose Tooth

If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t have any sort of loose teeth. If you have a loose or dangling tooth, you should definitely call up a family dentist in Vaughan. Sometimes this happens because of impact, such as a sports injury or chewing on something hard. If you are experiencing a wobbly tooth, then it’s definitely worth seeing someone. If you wait too long, a loose tooth can cause big problems. It can chip and result in damage to the root or the nerve. Take yourself to family dentistry services in Richmond Hill, and they can stabilize and sanitize the affected area.

Gums that Ache and Bleed

It’s never pleasant to experience aching or bleeding gums. Sometimes, you might notice a bit of blood when you floss which is an early sign of gum disease. If you are experiencing a combination of aching and bleeding gums, then you should consider this a moderate dental emergency. Schedule a visit with a family dentist in Richmond Hill to get your gums examined. They will be able to advise you on the right course of treatment for periodontal disease. Be proud of yourself that you caught it sooner rather than later! There’s no shame in visiting a family dentist in Vaughan for pain in your mouth.


Abscesses are one of the most painful and urgent dental emergencies. An abscessed tooth results in pus buildup. Typically, emergency dental care will mean a draining of the pus and a treatment of the infected area. Call family dentistry services in Richmond Hill and tell them you are experiencing pain. If it’s an abscess, they will be able to gently and carefully clean the area.

Dental emergencies can feel scary, but help isn’t far away. Remember, your family dentist in Richmond Hill is trained in all manner of dental care. From loose teeth to chipped teeth, there is a solution for you. So don’t suffer through unnecessary pain. Call Arenson Dental to get the care your mouth deserves.

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