Help Protect Your Child from Harmful Tooth Habits

It’s common knowledge that sucking one’s thumb or pacifier often has a negative effect on your child’s teeth. Even during the months before teeth start growing in, it’s essential to clean your baby’s gums using a soft baby brush to wipe away any plaque. This process will help form a positive trend of healthy dental hygiene before you begin looking for a kids dentist in Richmond Hill.

A kids dentist in Richmond Hill has specific training and experience dealing with children of all ages and hygiene. They’ll be able to identify any troubling signs of oral problems early and provide education to parents and families about proper oral hygiene and brushing habits. Poor oral care often leads to infections, disease, and other more severe dental issues. While it’s common for kids to suck their thumb, fingers, or pacifiers when they are young, most children will stop this bad habit by four years old. However, these prolonged habits can lead to problems with teeth alignment.

Whether your child was breastfed, used a pacifier, or sucks their thumb, a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill offers your family the highest-quality care by providing a calm, comfortable environment. Just like adults, children should visit the dentist every six months. Parents must be demonstrating positive behaviours and setting an excellent example for their children from the beginning. By visiting the dentist regularly, you’ll help your child become more comfortable with the process.

For children that consume lots of sugary foods, they are at a higher risk of developing cavities. As your child gets older, they likely start brushing their own teeth around age 7 or 8. By creating healthier dental habits, Vaughan children’s dentistry can stop bad habits, which is key to positive, long-lasting dental care for your child.

Vaughan children’s dentistry takes steps to make your child feel more comfortable during their appointments. These steps often include having toys and comforting items in the waiting rooms, solutions to ease a frightened child, and watching videos to distract your child while the hygienist does their work. At the same time, the dental hygienist does their job. When you’re at home, If your child does consume a lot of sugar, ensure they at least brush their teeth afterward. Otherwise, your pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill will recommend limiting snacks and drinks that are sweeter to preserve your child’s teeth.

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