Getting Orthodontics as an Adult

When people think of braces and retainers, they typically associate them with children and teens. But if you never had them as an adolescent—or did, but never wore your retainer—then, over the years, your teeth have likely shifted. Whatever the reason, there are thousands of adults just like you, contemplating whether they waited too long to correct their smile. While there are some concerns surrounding adults getting braces, the many benefits suggest it’s never too late to contact a local orthodontist in Richmond Hill.

If you live in Vaughan, an orthodontist in Richmond Hill can help you bring confidence back to your smile. Adults get braces for several different reasons, like cosmetic or oral health reasons. Getting treatment for orthodontics in Richmond Hill can improve crowding in your mouth, gum health and even help patients suffering from sleep apnea.

The average person wears braces for at least two years, which may seem long for even an adult. Thankfully there have been advancements in dentistry since you were an adolescent, which has led to new innovative treatment options. Forget about removable headgear and heavy metal train-track looking braces. There are several new treatments available that are less visible, are removable, and offer a gentler feeling on all areas of your mouth.

Rather than spending hours searching online for quality and affordable orthodontics around Richmond Hill, give Arenson dental a call. Adults looking for an orthodontist in Richmond Hill typically want their treatment to take a little time as possible. We all live busy lives. Between family, work, and personal obligations, many of us don’t have the time to keep up with multiple dental appointments. For some of us who are working from home, we’re on camera almost every day. If your job requires you to speak in front of people often, adult orthodontics in Richmond Hill can help ensure your braces won’t be the focus of your Zoom meetings or presentations.

Some of the most common options available for adults include clear braces, Invisalign, palatal expanders, and the traditional retainer and headgear. A quality orthodontist in Richmond Hill will go over any possible side effects, such as the common concern of gum pain. Just because many of the newer treatment options available are more discreet doesn’t mean you are sacrificing anything for functionality. During your consultation, it’s essential to be open and honest with your dental team so they can suggest the best treatment option for your daily life.

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