Does Whitening Increase Tooth Sensitivity?

One of the most common inquisitions that people make when they come in for their cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill is geared towards the growing practice of teeth whitening. Given it’s more novel of practice in the dentistry world, it’s no surprise that people are interested in finding the answer to this question. But before we can get to a definitive answer on the topic, it’s important to go over a few basics.

Your cosmetic dentist in Richmond Hill has likely been dealing with the issue of tooth sensitivity for years and years. A laundry list of preventative measures and treatment options can improve sensitive teeth, from brushing and flossing to capping and filling. But now that having white teeth is becoming as much of a priority as healthy teeth, people really want to know whether the two can coexist. So to answer this question, we first need to know what causes tooth sensitivity in the first place.

Why Do Teeth Become Sensitive?

The protective outer layer of our teeth, known as enamel, is constantly being worn down over our lifetime. Acidic foods, bacteria, and other ingested substances cause enamel to thin and expose underlying layers of dentin. Depending on the level of exposure, hot and cold drinks, food, and even just airflow can cause sensitivity. This can quickly develop from a minor nuisance to a major issue and should always be managed by cosmetic dentistry services in Richmond Hill.

However, the fact that tooth sensitivity can occur should not stop you from getting that beautiful white smile you’ve always wanted.

Whitening and Tooth Sensitivity

The extent of sensitivity that you experience after using a tooth whitening product will all depend on the product used and the current health of your teeth. Some over-the-counter products are more likely to cause sensitive teeth, while professional administration by cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill is less likely to produce this result.

Whiteners generally use ingredients like bleach that can be harmful to enamel and dentin when over-applied. There are many ads on television and social media of people using at-home whitening kits to improve their smiles, but most people are not qualified or experienced enough to correctly apply these products. However, cosmetic dentistry services in Richmond Hill are equipped with the skills and technology to apply these products for the exact amount of time necessary to produce whiter teeth without the harmful side effects.

At the end of the day, it is always helpful to consult with your local dental professional before undertaking any teeth whitening activities. At Arenson Dental, we have been providing our Richmond Hill customers with quality whitening, cleaning, and cosmetic dental services for years. Reach out to us today for more information about our services!

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