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We love the excitement and thrill of sports. That’s why many of us spend hours playing to feel the euphoria of winning and, sometimes, the bitter taste of losing. Of course, the constant contact and struggle make us prone to injuries, including fractures or knocked-out teeth. If that happens to you, it’s best to contact an emergency dentist in Vaughan.

There are many reliable emergency dentists in Vaughan that schools/universities and sports organizations recommend toward helping protect the safety of adults and children in emergency cases. You can also take specific actions to manage the crisis effectively. Here are some dental emergency treatments you can undertake with a first-aid kit.

Tooth Injuries & Recommended Actions

It’s always imperative to be prepared in advance to help in a crisis. Here are some typical tooth injuries, along with actions that can help manage the situation.

If The Tooth Is Knocked Out

  • To avoid further damage, be careful not to scrub or sterilize the tooth and don’t grab it by the root. You can gently wash away the debris with water.
  • Stabilize the tooth by giving the injured person a towel or a gauze in the first aid kit and have them bite down on it. You can only do it when the person is old enough and sufficiently alert not to swallow.
  • If you can’t re-implant the tooth, you should put it in a protective saline solution. It’s better to have the solution ready in a zip-lock bag since it’s not usually included within the kit.

If you can’t find a saline solution, you can either put it in a glass of milk or water or wrap it in a gauze soaked with saline. As a last resort, you can put it under the person’s tongue, but only if they’re mature and alert enough not to swallow.
d. Visit a dentist immediately. In the first 30 minutes, there’s a high chance of successful replantation. You can visit an emergency dental service in Vaughan and receive the treatment.

If the Tooth Is Twisted Or Is In An Awkward Position

  • Press the tooth firmly to put it back in place
  • Have the injured person bite down on a towel or a gauze
  • Visit a dentist immediately

If Tooth Has Moved Backward Or Forward

  • If it’s not sensitive, try repositioning it.
  • If it’s sensitive and there are no anesthetics, do nothing and visit a dentist immediately.

If the Tooth Is Inside The Gum Tissue

  • Visit a dentist immediately and do not touch the tooth.

If the Tooth Is Fractured

  • See a dentist ASAP, do not attempt to pull or reposition the tooth.
  • Bring the broken part to the dentist following the instructions in section 1.
  • Have the injured person bite down on a towel or a gauze to stabilize the remaining part
  • If possible, don’t let the tongue, air or adjacent teeth touch the broken teeth because they may hit the nerve and cause massive pain.

As much as dental emergencies can be stressful and painful, you need to remain calm, take proper measures, and visit a dentist immediately. There are many reliable emergency dentists in Richmond Hill like Arenson Dental that can help eliminate the pain. Check out our website to learn more.

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