Defining What Constitutes a Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be potentially life-threatening and may call for the need to seek treatment without delay in order to stop bleeding, halt an infection, or reduce severe pain. When seeking out emergency dental in Richmond Hill or determining when your situation is considered an emergency, there are a few things to consider.

Uncontrolled bleeding

When your gums or other soft tissue in your mouth won’t stop bleeding, no matter what you try, it is a good sign that you should seek out the services of an emergency dentist in Vaughan. They will be able to properly diagnose the problem and provide a solution. It is important to treat uncontrolled bleeding quickly, as it can lead to other complications.

Bacterial infection with swelling

A bacterial infection in the mouth, such as the buildup of pus at the root of a tooth, can be painful enough to make a person want to seek out the services of an emergency dentist in Richmond Hill immediately.
It is, in fact, important to get treatment as soon as possible since the infection could spread, leading to further complications. In some scenarios, it is possible that the swelling caused by the infection could end up obstructing the airway.

Trauma involving facial bones

Trauma that involves facial bones is usually due to some sort of hard impact. No matter the cause, it is important to seek treatment to address your issues surrounding emergency dental. Richmond Hill has dental professionals trained in this sort of work to assist you. These people are experts in the procedures required to restore your oral health and can prevent or alleviate complications, such as an obstructed airway.

Urgent Care

There are other procedures that, while not quite considered an emergency, are significant enough to require urgent dental care. If experiencing abnormal pain or in cases of swelling or infection, it is recommended to seek out an emergency dentist in Vaughan.
Here are a few examples of what constitutes a need for urgent care:

Severe pain

The soft material inside a tooth, called the pulp, can become infected and swell. Dentists call this pulpal inflammation, and it can be quite painful. Treatment is advised to alleviate the pain. It is important to seek treatment sooner rather than later to halt the spread of the infection.


An abscess is a bacterial infection in one area, or what dentists refer to as localized. It can cause swelling and is known to be painful. Treatment is required to halt the abscess and reduce pain.

Tooth fracture

A tooth fracture is not always an emergency, but there are certain times that it is. For instance, if the broken tooth is causing pain, then you should head to the dentist. Also, if what caused the broken tooth also resulted in soft tissue damage, you should seek the care of a dental professional.

When you need emergency dental care, contact Arenson Dental.

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