Common Injuries That Require Immediate Dental Care

Accidents can happen at any moment. It’s important to know what types of injuries require immediate dental care so you can avoid any unnecessary trips to the emergency room. There are some injuries that can wait for normal business hours, but others are too severe to wait. Determining the most common oral injuries that require an emergency dentist will help cut out the guessing game we all play when an accident happens.

1. Broken Teeth

Teeth are remarkably strong, but they can still break. This can happen by biting down on something too hard, being hit in the face, having cavities, falling, and having outdated fillings that don’t support the remaining enamel of the tooth. When a tooth breaks, it may not hurt at first. Most minor tooth fractures won’t usually cause pain. If you do experience a broken tooth, it’s important to see your dentist right away. An emergency dental clinic will be able to figure out what caused the break and what can be done to fix it.

2. Severe Crack

A severe crack is essentially a broken tooth. The tooth may look okay to you, and only hurt when you eat food. In the case that your tooth hurts all the time, you may have a damaged nerve or blood vessels. You must get emergency treatment right away if this happens. A damaged nerve will usually require a root canal treatment to repair it.

3. Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth will often occur if you play contact sports like basketball, football, or hockey. If your tooth is completely knocked out, you need to seek emergency dental care as soon as possible. The faster you visit emergency dental in Richmond Hill, the better chance you have of saving your natural tooth.

4. Toothache

There are multiple reasons why you may have a toothache, some of which are far more serious than others. Try to get into see an emergency dentist as soon as possible instead of waiting for the toothache to go away. This can be extremely important if you have swollen gums, or throbbing pain, as there may be some type of nerve damage. As previously mentioned, if that is the case a root canal may be in your future.

5. Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth can easily occur from biting down on food too hard. Small chips don’t need emergency treatment right away. Chips do still have the chance of splitting completely, or even worse, becoming a severe crack that can cause more discomfort to the nerves in your affected tooth. This is why you should visit an emergency dentist right away.

When an emergency happens, Arenson Dental is here to help. Give us a call and we’ll help you determine the next step for your injury, and ensure you get the care you need during this alarming incident.

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