Are Crooked Teeth Just an Aesthetic Issue?

We all know that braces help create a more beautiful, even smile which can certainly help boost your confidence. But, did you know that there are a number of health-related reasons why you should consider investing in orthodontics to straighten your smile? If you’re still debating whether or not it’s worth investing in Vaughan children’s dentistry, here are a few reasons why you should consider taking the leap.

Oral Hygiene

There are a few common reasons why parents seek out a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill. One common concern is crooked teeth. Another common issue is overcrowding. Both of these concerns are often thought of as primarily aesthetic. However, misaligned teeth and crowded teeth create areas where food can get stuck and this allows bacteria to multiply rapidly in hard to clean places. This, in turn, can lead to gum disease as well as cavities and tartar build-up.

Headaches & Speech Impediments

Malocclusion is another common reason why parents might be seeking a kids’ dentist in Richmond Hill. Malocclusion occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t fit together the way they typically should. Usually, the upper teeth should fit just marginally over the lower teeth. When this is misaligned it can have long-lasting and sometimes quite severe implications. Specifically, this may lead to excessive wear and tear on the teeth, difficulty chewing, headaches, and earaches.

Malocclusion can also lead to difficulty with speech. The alignment of our teeth plays an important role in our speech and severe malocclusion can create issues. Most commonly, this type of malalignment can result in a lisp.

Dental Trauma

Protruding teeth are another common reason parents visit a pediatric dentist in Richmond Hill. Again, typically the issue is seen as primarily aesthetic however there are a number of health-related concerns to protruding teeth as well. Primarily, the concern is dental trauma. This is because the angle of the teeth makes them more vulnerable to potential trauma. If your child plays sports and has protruding teeth, it is especially important to invest in orthodontic work to correct the issue.

Typically, we think about braces as an aesthetic tool to create a more straight and even smile. And, it is absolutely true that most children will feel more confident with their smiles after completing orthodontic work. However, it is also important to note that braces are not simply a tool to create a more aesthetically pleasing smile. In fact, misaligned teeth have a number of important associated health concerns. It is important to investigate these issues further to determine the best course of action.

If you are wondering how your child’s dental alignment is impacting their health, Arenson Dental can help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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