Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill

Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill

Take advantage of affordable teeth whitening in Richmond Hill when you book a consultation with Arenson Dental. You’ll discover numerous benefits of choosing pro-strength whitening over store-bought whitening products; the fact is, the difference between the two is like night and day. Leave a dazzling impression on everyone you meet with our pro-whitening service.

Thorough Teeth Whitening Lasts Longer

Experience longer lasting results with a deeper level of white that penetrates into teeth- not just on the surface. Typical products purchased over-the-counter can’t measure up with the results you’ll experience when you have your teeth whitened by a dentist. At Arenson Dental, we believe we offer a better value than what you would purchase at a pharmacy. Feel free to schedule a consultation with our staff if you have questions about whitening.

Safety First, Without Compromising Results

Professional teeth whitening in Richmond Hill at Arenson Dental is the safest option available when considering options in whitening. Nite White treatment, our signature whitening service, is considered by experts in the dental industry as not only the safest way to get excellent results but also the best way to achieve consistency, for a more beautiful smile you’ll want to show off at every opportunity.

You Choose the Level of White

When you meet with our staff to discuss your objectives in treatment, you’ll have the ability to be a part of the treatment process. Be sure to ask questions during the consultation and let our staff know how white you want to go. We have treatments that can take you from one or two shades whiter up to 14 shades, depending on your goals. If you have problem areas that require additional treatment, we’ll look at how we can best achieve professional and consistent results.

At Home or In-Office Whitening Options

Whether you prefer to whiten in our office or the comfort of your home, we have a treatment that is right for you. Following a thorough exam and patient consultation, we’ll recommend the type of whitening we feel would most benefit your teeth. We guarantee exceptional results that we’re sure you’ll be pleased with- just read a few of our 5-star reviews on our website to see what others have to say about the beautiful smiles we have helped create.

Pro Results Come From Pro Treatment

Dental specialists advise paying a little more and experiencing better results. While it costs a bit more to visit a dentist for teeth whitening in Richmond Hills, you’ll end up saving in the long run. Longer lasting whitening means fewer visits and fewer payments for treatment- something worth smiling about.

Schedule a new patient or existing patient appointment at Arenson Dental by calling our office or contacting our staff through the website patient portal. Smile like you mean it, with brighter, whiter teeth that make a lasting impression on all those you meet during your day.

Teeth Whitening Richmond Hill
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