Precautions to Be Taken in Case You Break Your Tooth!

You never know when a tooth may break. You may bite down on something hard or you may even suffer from an injury while playing a sport. Unfortunately, if your tooth breaks, it can lead to many oral complications as well as serious pain. Immediately after a tooth breaks, there are some precautions you should take as you make your way to an emergency dentist in Vaughan. In this painful and frightening experience, here’s what you need to do.

Call a Dentist Right Away

No matter how your tooth breaks, it is important that you seek emergency dental care right away in Richmond Hill. You want to discuss the situation with an emergency dentist in Vaughan as he or she can give you instructions on your specific injury and tips to improve your treatment and recovery. Keep in mind that if you suffer from a serious break, your dentist may want to see you immediately. For some breaks, he or she may ask you to wait until normal business hours.

Find All Broken Pieces

If your tooth breaks into small pieces, you want to gather as many pieces as possible. Rinse these pieces off and place them in warm water. If your tooth is completely knocked out, you will want to carefully pick up the tooth by the area you chew with and not by the root. Handling the tooth’s roots can damage the tooth and cause further complications. You will want to soak the tooth’s roots in milk to help preserve it.

Rinse Your Mouth

If you have time before visiting an emergency dentist in Vaughan, rinse your mouth out well. You may simply rinse out your mouth with warm water or you should create a saltwater rinse and gargle. This will help to remove the bacteria from your mouth and improve your overall oral health.

Apply a Cold Compress

You may experience a lot of pain around your tooth that is broken. You should take some pain-relieving medication to provide some relief. You may also want to apply a cold compress to this area of your mouth as well to reduce swelling and inflammation. Avoid applying heat to this area. If you apply heat shortly after the injury happens it can increase swelling and cause more pain. If needed, you may consider applying some type of gauze or rag to help soak up the blood from inside your mouth.

A broken tooth should not be something you try to handle on your own. You need care from a Richmond Hill emergency dentist to prevent additional complications and to help ease the pain. At Arenson Dental, our staff is ready and anxious to help you feel better. Give us a call and let us provide your emergency dental care in Richmond Hill.

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