Is It a Good Idea to Reschedule My Dental Appointment When Sick?

Visiting the dentist to receive a professional teeth cleaning and exam is an appointment that should always be a top priority. This is one of the best and most effective ways to maintain and improve your oral health. If you are feeling a little under the weather, you may be questioning whether visiting a Vaughan dental clinic is a wise decision. To help you determine if rescheduling your dental appointment is the right choice, ask yourself these questions.

Is Your Illness Contagious?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is whether you can spread the illness to others. When at a Richmond Hill dental clinic, your mouth will be open and the dentist and hygienist will be spending a lot of time in areas where a substantial amount of germs and bacteria reside. If there is a chance you could infect the staff or other individuals from your sneezing and coughing, stay at home and reschedule.

Do You Have Much Energy?

Some illnesses can cause you to feel weak and extremely fatigued. If you find that you have a difficult time standing up, getting dressed, and even completing basic tasks around your home, it may be best to stay at home.

However, if you have a headache or another mild condition that pain relievers can resolve, call your dentist office in Richmond Hill, Ontario for their recommendation.

How’s Your Stomach?

If you are experiencing any type of stomach bug, stay home. Not only are these illnesses highly contagious, but they can increase your gag reflex. This means all of the instruments in your mouth, the taste of cleaning supplies, etc., could make it very difficult for staff members to get a good look inside of your mouth and properly clean your teeth.

Keep in mind that if you do feel ill and need to reschedule, call your Vaughan dental clinic as soon as possible. This will help staff members fill your empty appointment and can make sure you are back on the schedule as soon as possible.

At Arenson Dental, your health is our top priority. If you are not feeling well or you need to reschedule your appointment, give us a call. We are happy to accommodate you and help you perfect your smile.

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