Whiten Your Teeth Safely and Effectively

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Many of us turn to teeth whitening as a solution. It’s a preferred option for masking the appearance of stains and damages on our teeth. Over the years, excessive coffee drinking, smoking, overeating of particular foods, and natural aging have resulted in many of our smiles not looking as white as they used to. It’s …

Pregnancy and Dental Visits

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When you’re pregnant, there are many restrictions or recommendations to avoid certain things. Dental care should not be one of them. It’s true that during pregnancy, your hormones change. Yet, contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly safe for you to visit your local dentist in Richmond Hill for regular checkups and cleanings. When you’re …

Recovering From Dental Implants

dental implants in Richmond Hill

Dental implant surgery is a common method to replace missing teeth. The process entails implanting a small titanium rod into the jaw and then attaching a crown to the rod. The implant looks and feels like a natural tooth. This method is often a good choice for patients who have missing teeth and don’t want …

Lowering Dental Anxiety for Children

Dental Anxiety for Children

As many parents have experienced, dental visits can be stressful for kids, who often find the sights, smells, and sounds of the dental office overwhelming. Teaching kids to be more comfortable at the dentist can be the first step toward establishing good oral health since your child will be more likely to brush and floss …

Your Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Answered

cosmetic dentistry in Richmond Hill

A nice smile can change the way that you feel about yourself by boosting your overall confidence. Whether it’s a chip or a crack that needs to be fixed or if you just need some teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry might be a solution. Cosmetic dentistry is the process of changing the appearance of your smile …

Getting Orthodontics as an Adult

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When people think of braces and retainers, they typically associate them with children and teens. But if you never had them as an adolescent—or did, but never wore your retainer—then, over the years, your teeth have likely shifted. Whatever the reason, there are thousands of adults just like you, contemplating whether they waited too long …

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